Welcome to Costessey Primary School! Our vision is 'Ambition for All'. We strive to be a school where every individual achieves their personal best, academically and socially in a supportive but challenging environment.

School Council

We are very proud of our children at Costessey Primary School  and in particular how positively they have responded to our ‘new look’ school council and the responsibility it has placed on their young shoulders.


This year, the expectation of all councillors is to be the voice and the action as you might expect, and also the creative minds, inspectors, critics and advisors too. The children have applied for these positions and have been through an interview process to give them the experience of this real life process. The successful applicants immediately started work on tasks within their teams lead by our Head Boy and Head Girl.


Student Council Structure


Head Boy / Girl

Lead Pupils


Behaviour and Safety Team


Every child, member of staff and visitor must feel safe at CJS. This team will explore how we keep high standards of behaviour and safety.


  • Behaviour in school
  • Safety in school
  • Link behaviour to reward team

Lead pupil x 2  

Pupil x 8


Teaching and Learning Team


Every person in the school is responsible for learning. This team will explore all aspect of learning both in and out of the classroom.


  • Learning opportunity
  • Teaching experience
  • Behaviour and reward in the classroom

Lead pupil x 2  

Pupil x 8


Reward and Achievement Team


This team will explore all positive achievement in and out of school and make sure appropriate recognition is given.


  • Rewards in lesson and whole school
  • Share achievement across school
  • Link to behaviour team

Lead pupil x 2  

Pupil x 8




Already this year the school councillors and council team leaders have been the brains behind the most successful Children In Need day the school has experienced. We raised almost £900!


With that whole school council event completed, the council are beginning to work on projects in their teams:


The behaviour and safety team are exploring how safe and secure pupils feel in school and how confident they would feel to share their concerns. They are looking at ways to help improve this provision.


The teaching and learning team are exploring the very sensitive issue of balance given between our core subjects and non-core subjects. The councillors are of the opinion that we could do even more to inspire children to achieve at even higher levels in subjects outside Literacy and Numeracy.


The reward and achievement team are working with teaching staff to develop a brand new reward system.


A separate team of upper school councillors are developing a very exciting ‘Inspirational Speaker programme’. These children have been motivated to think and work above and beyond what might usually be expected. A very exciting prospect for all at CJS!


The school councillors learn new skills in observation, team work, communication and independence as they both contribute to our school and develop as young leaders. Training is offered to the councillors and support is always available from various staff both internal and external.