Welcome to Costessey Primary School! Our vision is 'Ambition for All'. We strive to be a school where every individual achieves their personal best, academically and socially in a supportive but challenging environment.

Reading at CPS

Reading at Costessey Primary School


At Costessey Primary School we are passionate about teaching every child to read. Our mission is to equip all children with the skills needed to decode texts quickly and effortlessly so that they can enjoy, and have great comprehension of, a wide variety of books. In addition to embedding reading in our literacy lessons, we use a range of additional strategies which are listed below.


Read Write Inc phonics programme


  • Read Write Inc is a nationally recognised synthetic phonics programme, which we use mainly in Year 3.
  • When the children join in Year 3 they are all assessed for their phonics knowledge. Based on this information, every child is provided with personalised sounds to practise on a daily basis. The children are then reassessed on a regular basis with new targets being set to ensure rapid progress.
  • In addition to whole class phonics teaching, children who need additional support use Read Write Inc resources outside the literacy hour, working in small groups with an experienced teacher.


High Frequency Words


  • Children are assessed against their ability to sight read the 300 highest frequency words.
  • From this, each child has a personalised list to practise on a daily basis. Both teacher and teaching assistants support the children learning these words.


Lexia Reading


  • Children who have gaps in their phonic knowledge use a computer programme called Lexia, which assesses their individual reading ability and provides them with a personalised programme.
  • To ensure children get the maximum gains, they use the programme for at least 40 minutes per week (the time shown by research to have the most impact).
  • The literacy co-ordinator, inclusion manager and class teachers review the children’s progress on a weekly basis and provide the children with additional teacher support where needed.


Accelerated Reader


  • To develop a love of reading and good comprehension skills we use a computer based programme called Accelerated Reader.
  • Children complete an assessment to identify their reading level and then they choose books at their level from the extensive range in our school library.
  • Children read for 30 minutes per day at school.
  • When the children have finished a book they take a quiz designed to assess their understanding.
  • This information is analysed by the literacy co-ordinator and class teachers to ensure the children are reading at an appropriate level and that they have good comprehension strategies.


Through this personalised approach to reading we aim to provide every child at Costessey Primary School with the skills to read and a love of reading for pleasure.