Welcome to Costessey Primary School! Our vision is 'Ambition for All'. We strive to be a school where every individual achieves their personal best, academically and socially in a supportive but challenging environment.


Our Vision for our History Curriculum


History at Costessey is used to further develop our children’s understanding of the world around them. It is our aim to celebrate not only local and British history but also to compare Britain to other cultures at different times throughout history, such as the Shang Dynasty in Year 3. We want our children to be inquisitive about how history has impacted the present, for example in Year 4 we explore the impact of Roman Britain and compare our lives to that of a child from that period. We also want children to have an understanding of their own chronology and identity by exploring different time periods, dates and famous historical figures. We aim to use a range of sources throughout our curriculum to help inspire our children to ask questions and discuss different topics, supported by some historical visits such as to Norwich Castle, Colchester Castle and Duxford Imperial War Museum.


History Overview


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