Welcome to Costessey Primary School! Our vision is 'Ambition for All'. We strive to be a school where every individual achieves their personal best, academically and socially in a supportive but challenging environment.

School Trips

At Costessey Primary School, we fully recognise the importance of children being immersed in their learning experiences and our aim is for all our pupils to experience as much Cultural Capital as possible. We believe that ALL children having the opportunity to experience trips outside of the classroom is an incredibly important supplement to their in class educational offering. 


Children, from EYFS to Year 6, have the opportunity to experience a multitude of trips throughout their time at school, on both a local (Costessey and Norwich), regional (in and around Norfolk) and national (Year 6 residential) scale. The trips may differ slightly from year to year but the table below outlines our most recent trips for each year group, each term.