Children's University

We are delighted that this exciting venture is now underway. We would like to thank all those parents who attended our launch and hope that the information shared was enticing enough for you to support your child by enlisting them on this scheme.


What to do now:


  1. Read the attached document, ‘CU information for parents’. If you did not attend the launch or simply want a reminder of what this initiative is all about then please read this.
  2. Enlist your child by reading the attached document, ‘Parent letter’, print it or request a copy from the school office and return the slip with £5 enclosed to purchase the life-long-passport (the only document required).
  3. You will receive your passport and have lots of fun as your child start to fill it in.
  4. Achieve 30 credits or more to graduate at the UEA.
  5. Give your child the chance to experience new opportunities and to celebrate all they do outside the boundaries of their classroom learning.


CU Parents Information


Your child can gain credits in and out of school.


You will soon be able to access opportunities at Ormiston Victory Academy:


Your child can gain free entry to many castles, museum and activity centres around Norfolk. Details and a map can be found on the Children’s University website. Follow the link below:


Children's University


If your child attends a club not affiliated with Children’s University, let the school office know and they will pass to me so that I can either send you a card to take to the club or pass the name to Children’s University for them to vet and register as appropriate. To know if they are affiliated look for this sign…




How to fill your passport with stamps and collect your stamps:

  1. Costessey Primary School is a validated 'learning destination'. Attend any club run at the school and you qualify for a stamp.
  2. Attend any other club. If the club you attend is a validated Children’s University member then you will receive a stamp automatically. If not, pass the name of the club to Mr Serruys and we will look to support the club to become a validated member as quickly as possible.
  3. STAMP YOUR PASSPORT. You have two options:
  • Hand your passport directly to Mr Serruys during any break or lunchtime and it will be stamped within a few days.
  • Passport collection: Hand your passport to your class teacher during early morning work on Monday morning. This will be handed back, stamped, by the end of the week.


Please contact the school if you have any queries over any of this or any other matter relating to Children’s University. We want your child to graduate!