Welcome to Costessey Primary School! Our vision is 'Ambition for All'. We strive to be a school where every individual achieves their personal best, academically and socially in a supportive but challenging environment.

Adult Learning

Here at Costessey Primary School we understand how important it is to work with parents and carer’s to support in children’s learning.  However, many of us haven’t been to school for a long time and methods in the classroom have changed quite a lot since then!  You told us that you want to help with homework but often don’t recognise or understand the methods and ways the children are now being taught.


In response to this we have:


  • Updated our homework system so that it includes a broad range of topic areas such as Art, History, Design and Geography etc.
  • Made handy guides that take you through the different methods that children are taught during their time in primary education.The guides go over the methods for teaching the 4 calculations in numeracy, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication and should provide invaluable knowledge so you can support your child at home.


Please do speak to your child’s teacher or contact the school office if you require any further support. We are always happy to help!


Literacy Guide

Numeracy Guide